by Eleana Overett, Founder

I don’t think I could ever place enough emphasis on the importance of well thought out YouTube video thumbnails.

Sure, there are people who learn better by reading or listening or doing than viewing images, but when it comes to what attracts our attention first, human beings are very visual people. We like aesthetic things.

I’ve already written an article that explores what viewers might be attracted to in a thumbnail to get them to click on your video. So now, let’s discuss consistency. As we all know on YouTube, consistency is key.

But why is consistency key?



  • These days there’s a lot of credit given for good branding. Good branding implies a unique identity and consistency helps drive that home. If someone could see your thumbnail and in a split second know it’s yours, you’ve succeeded beyond everyone’s wildest dreams.
  • Consistent branding also means your channel will look – well – pretty! Pretty might not be what you’re going for, but really I just mean aesthetically pleasing. It’s just something viewers like and if they see you’ve got it, their mouse may just move to the subscribe button.
  • Suggested videos. A lot of traffic comes from suggested videos (check your analytics to see your stats!) as it’s by far the easiest place for people browsing to find their next video to watch. What you want is for them to click on another of your videos instead of someone else’s. You can do this easily by, again, having familiar thumbnails.
  • You clearly care, and that makes viewers care. I have major respect for people who have well thought out thumbnails; that they’ve taken the time and effort to think through their image. To me it says ‘this person doesn’t just throw up content so they can be a YouTuber on YouTube, they care about what they’re making’. Thumbs up from me!
  • There is no secret formula to success. Believe me, if there was I’d have found and tried it by now. There are just some well-known staples in the community that people know work. This is one of them.

By the time I knew what my consistent thumbnails were going to look like, I had over 200 videos on my channel. That’s a lot of thumbnails to change! Luckily for me, I had also decided to niche my content to London-focused videos and was able to unlist over 150 of them and change the ones that were left.

Once you’ve got your design, don’t feel the need to go back and change every single one. Instead, begin afresh, change a few of your most recent videos, and the ones that are receiving high views/subscribers.

Do you agree? What are you best tips for creating thumbnails? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @LondonSmallYT.

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