by Nadya Yudina, Web Editor

Your channel art can serve as the reflection of what you make, and it can be the first thing your viewers see. You don’t have to be a professional artist in order to create great channel art that will catch your viewers’ attention. After all, you only need is something that is grasping but doesn’t distract from your videos (that’s why YouTube has changed the way channel art works from the old times, when you could even decorate the background of your channel, to the more minimalistic design now). So here are a few tips on how to create interesting channel art:


  1. Simple. You channel art shouldn’t be distracting from your videos, nor should it be overloaded with information to the point that the viewers cannot comprehend it. Putting your channel name and a few words you associate with your channel in the fonts that you’ve chosen for your your ‘brand’ may just be the right amount of information you need to have your art look nice and simple. The viewers are always busy and may lose attention if they have to search on your banner what your channel is about or try and comprehend what is happening on there in general.
  2. Readable. The viewers have to be able to read what’s on your channel art without any difficulty – so it would be best to pick the fonts that you know are clearly readable from any distance and on any device. The size of the font should also be big enough to read from mobile, and if you want to highlight some important information for your channel, e.g. the days of the week on which you upload, make sure this is the first thing that viewers can see, and, again, read without any difficulty.
  3. Matching. To branch out of the previous point, everything on your channel art design should work together. It is better when your design looks like a whole piece rather than a bunch of different items stuck together on one canvas. In order to do so, you might want to experiment with different colours and try and combine different fonts. For colours, I would suggest Coolors website, which allows you to create different colour palettes and see how the colours compliment each other. I would also suggest Adobe Color, which is a free website that suggests you different colour palettes with colours that go together well. In terms of fonts, it usually takes time to figure out which ones go together well, the main rule is that they should compliment each other. You can’t have two overly-complicated fonts on one channel art – it may look messy. Try mixing one sans serif font with a decorative font and see how it looks before updating you channel art. This article might also help you figure out which fonts would be best to combine with each other.

If you want to find out more about the general design for your brand, you can have a read through our post on How to Step Up Your Branding Game or Why Consistent Thumbnails Are Key To Success.

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