by Kimberly Bradford, Social Media Director

This Monday, LSY have attended Creator Connect event with Google, where a YouTube partner manager shared some suggestions to help you grow your channel. So here are her top 9 tips:

  1. Trends. Use trending topics, “evergreen” content around holidays/events, be sure to be aware of Google SEO (especially in your titles).
  1. Shareability. Topical, relatable, valuable, remarkable (make people laugh or be entertained). You want to make an audience feel strong emotions because those types of videos are highly shared across platforms.
  1. Optimization. Use YouTube’s creator academy to learn how you can optimize your channel for the best results. Be sure to check back regularly as the industry moves and changes so quickly! The creator academy is free advice directly from YouTube, so make sure you’re paying attention.
  1. Collaborations. YouTube is still pushing the “grow by sharing your audience” strategy. Try to be unique in your collaborations to create something new in your genre. Are you a gamer? How can you collab with someone who does baking? Are you a musician? How can you collab with a sketch comedian? Keep it fresh where you can for the best results.

    YouTube partner manager sharing her tips with us.

  1. Conversation. Talk to your audience during the process and ask questions in videos. Getting direct feedback about what your audience wants from you and what they’re interested in is vital. This can be achieved through polls, being active in your comment section, and being sure to prompt in-video with engagement questions.
  1. Interactivity. This goes hand in hand with conversation. It’s not enough to just talk to your audience, you have to listen and incorporate what you learn. Ask direct questions, have commenters suggest future videos, and actively incorporate video ideas from your audience.
  1. Consistency. YouTube is pushing clearly packaged show formats with a regular schedule, a clear personality for the channel, and staying within the theme of the channel. It seems YouTube wants you to treat your channel like a TV show on a network essentially. If your audience expects to watch your “show” every Thursday at 8, it should be there to view every Thursday at 8.
  1. Scotland’s first official YouTube Ambassador Dan (Silentc0re) sharing his knowledge on YouTube Analytics.

    Up to Date. Be updated about new features and actually use them. Some newer features include: Pin/like/love comments, use polls during videos (under the card section), using end screen cards. When YouTube makes a change, it’s usually for a good reason and in your best interest to try out the new features.

  1. Analytical. How are viewers finding your videos, explore source details in your analytics section and take it into account when you think about cross promotion. Have a time each week where you take 15-20 minutes to look at your analytics and take note of it. If you want to get into a new market (Latin America and India are huge often untapped markets), optimize upload time with time zones and use captions so that a wider audience can understand you.

Partner manager says: “Remember, there’s a lot of competition. Just like every other industry, there’s tons of people but you have to be differentiated. Be aware of keywords and use google trends to make sure you’re optimizing your channel. Looking for a high impact strategy to grow your channel? If you want to grow, make sure it’s trending. Use Google Trends. Google is all about trending trending trending.”

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