London Small YouTubers (LSY) identified a gap in the YouTube market in London where small YouTubers had been widely scattered and mostly isolated as creators. By acquiring members who are passionate about YouTube, no matter the age, experience, or subscriber count, LSY has grown as a support network, giving small YouTubers an online and offline space to get to know each other and grow.

With the YouTube Space London often full to capacity with YouTubers over 10k subscribers, we can provide workshops, activities, and community for those who are on their way to that goal.

We also help companies get in touch with our “micro-influencers” to create video campaigns, spread awareness, and act as focus groups. We are in a unique position to be able to put organisations in touch with promising and up-and-coming talent before anyone else.

London Small YouTubers (LSY) began on 4th October, 2015 on Facebook with just 2 members – Eleana, and her friend Rachael. Rachael didn’t actually have a YouTube channel, but Facebook wouldn’t let Eleana start a Facebook group with just herself in it.

After another YouTube meetup group became dormant, Eleana continued the fortnightly meetups under the name of her new group and soon began to see returning faces. Through Twitter, YouTube, and events at the YouTube Space London, the word spread and membership grew, picking up pace which since hasn’t stopped.

In order to help with the increased workload, a new Rachel (without an ‘a’) was brought on board as co-administrator, bringing with her fresh new ideas and a vision for how the group could expand. Since these early days, we have now accrued a 9 person-strong admin team (see our Staff page) to drive the group forward into the future.


“I was searching YouTube for London YouTubers to collaborate with while I was in town and stumbled upon a vlog of a meetup.

I immediately tracked down the facebook page and went to a meetup just a few days later.

I couldn’t believe how friendly everyone was and how much I learnt in just an hour.”

– Louise Croft, Pauper to Princess