By Nadya Yudina


When I was talking about YouTubers with a friend and how popular YouTube culture is becoming, she said “everyone wants to be a vlogger now”. “Do they?” I wondered at the time, but having thought about it, maybe she was onto something.

According to YouTube, there are over a billion users on the platform. Of course, not all of them are the kind of ‘YouTubers’ we tend to think of – vloggers, comedians, actors or gamers – not even all of this billion actually upload any videos at all!

However, of those who want to become “YouTubers,” a lot tend to stop making videos because they feel like they are not doing well, or that they are not ‘cut-out’ for the platform. Chances are, if you are reading this post, you have either wondered whether making YouTube videos is your ‘thing’, or you have something to add to the conversation – which you can do in the comments!

So what might put you off making YouTube videos? 

First things first, let’s point out the obvious – YouTube is oversaturated with content.

There are videos about anything and everything – from amazing high production short films to glowing hot knives cutting through stuff, and if you want to get an engaged community faster and easier without the competition, you should go back to 2006 and start then (and it’s not just me saying that for bants – I’ve heard this phrase so many times).

Starting your YouTube channel in 2017, you need to remember that you are one of millions of users in the exact same position as you are – there is so much ‘competition’ that your content can simply drown in the sea of videos.

You are probably mediocre.

And to be fair, most of us are like this. Unless you have had previous experience in filmmaking or have been practicing making videos for a long time – your videos will not be great for a while (or at all, because ‘greatness’ is a blurry term and is usually measured in terms of the competition).

When you dive head first into YouTube, you don’t really know what is happening or what you are doing most of the time. It’ll take time to see patterns with what content works and what doesn’t, and how to deal with the almighty algorithm.

You may not see high engagement at first.

You may get very few views and comments on your videos for a while, but it doesn’t mean that other people’s content is better. Getting one or no comments at all at first might feel incredibly upsetting, and when this goes on for what seems like forever, it may bring you down and make you wonder whether it is worth it.

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And lastly, the trolls and haters.

Even though it is very likely that you are not gonna receive your first hate comment for a while, when you do, be ready for it. It is something that has happened to all of us and obsessing over it and being upset about it is not gonna do anything but make you feel low. The person who wrote this has probably forgotten about you and your video already – so don’t let their empty words affect you.


So here’s my advice:


Keep making things. Perseverance is an essential quality you need for YouTube (or for your life in general, to be honest). By continuing to make videos not only do you improve your skills, but you also experiment with your content. It allows you to see what works and what helps you find your audience and what doesn’t. If nobody is watching your vlog about pancakes – maybe don’t make vlogs about pancakes, but switch to something else you would like to talk about.

And remember why you started making videos in the first place. Was it to get better at editing? Was it to find like-minded people? Carry this thought with you and don’t obsess over thinking about the reasons of why you are not as successful as you’d want to be.

Being a YouTuber is in many ways an intuitive process and making YouTube videos is a skill that needs to be developed over time. So, if you think that you are not made for YouTube – maybe try switching a few things around in terms of the kind of content you make or reach out to people that have similar content to yours – and see what will happen then.

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