by Nadya Yudina, Web Editor

As you may have noticed, live streaming becomes more popular with YouTubers – not only do they broadcast on YouTube itself, but they also do it on YouNow, Twitch, or even Instagram. But if you are a smaller channel, however, will live streaming be good for you? The answer to this may be complicated, after all, it would depend on various things.

  1. The platform

There are multiple platforms you can live stream from. You can stream on YouTube, or you can do it on YouNow and connect it to your channel. If you are a gamer, you can stream on Twitch. You can also do so on Facebook, or Instagram, as well as Periscope (which also powers Twitter). The possibilities are endless. But it is important to keep in mind the kind of audience you have for each platform. As we have established in the Cross-Promoting Your Videos post, different platforms have slightly different audiences, so they require tweaking the content you have and presenting it in different ways. With live streaming, it is important to find the platform on which your audience would want to watch you and that is easy for them to access and navigate.

  1. The audience

As I’ve mentioned before, live streaming should resonate with your audience. Before starting live streaming, you might wanna ask them whether they want regular weekly or monthly live shows, as well as what time it would be best to arrange the shows so they are able to watch them. You might also wanna find out whether they want the uploads of the streams afterwards to watch back or if that’d only annoy them. I have friends that have unsubscribed from creators because they’ve started uploading their live shows on their channels, which clogged my friends’ sub boxes. So having this figured out with your audience beforehand will help you understand what to do with the recordings of the streams, as well as on which platforms would it be best to stream in general. 

  1. The value

Of course, there should be some sort of value for your viewers so they want you to do more live shows, otherwise you might lose their interest. First thing that comes to mind when talking about the value of live streams is, of course, connecting with your audience. You are able to answer their questions and discuss different topics with them live, so they get to know you better and vice versa. If you are doing gaming streams, then the viewers get to see the uncut version of you playing the game, as well as engage in the process themselves; they get to give you tips and comments, and you get to execute them. I also personally love editing live streams, this shows the viewers the process of creating your videos as well as involves them in it: they can have a say in what to leave or cut from the video and you also get extra pairs of eyes that see the footage for the first time and point out something you couldn’t notice yourself.

So, is live steaming good for your channel? Both yes and no, after all, it depends on you. You need to research what platforms would work best for your shows as well as the audience’s reaction to the live streams. But there’s no doubt that live streaming is a great experience and is a great way to connect to your audience and have conversations that sometimes may not be possible through the pre-recorded videos.

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