by Nadya Yudina, Web Editor

All of us eventually experience a time when we want to experiment and make something different on YouTube. Perhaps you’ve already been through it!

But when this notion strikes, there’s an innate fear of losing our current audience if we do which can stop us in our tracks. At this point, most of us decide that we can always just make another channel – and we do.

Then more fears pour in. What if we aren’t able to maintain two channels? What if our second channel becomes more popular than the main one? Is there really even a need to make another channel?

Having two or more channels is a lot of work – we’re not going to deny that, especially if you want to upload frequently on both of them. It is even more work if, over time, the audience you have on your main channel is different from the audience on the second channel. You have two sets to keep happy!

Personally, I would suggest spending a solid amount of time thinking carefully about whether or not you need a second channel. It really depends on what your first channel is about and the reason your audience is watching it. If you channel is personality-driven and consists mainly of chatty vlogs, uploading a challenge video shouldn’t hurt. You are still showcasing your personality, but just adding up to the content you already have. If your videos are tech reviews, but you want to upload a makeup review…maybe that wouldn’t be a great idea (unless it’s April Fools, I guess).

Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not you just want to try something as a one-off experiment. Would it be worth setting up an entirely new channel just to upload one video that doesn’t fit your current niche without an already existing audience to give you feedback? You could always ask your audience whether they would be fine with you having a little experiment and trying out something new. Who knows, maybe that one different video on your main channel will actually do great!

However, if you are planning on starting a whole new series on a vastly different topic, or maybe venturing into the grind that is daily vlogging, it is probably worth the hustle to make a separate channel.

Remember to keep in mind what your long-terms plans are instead of focusing on short-term goals. You may have the passion to have a fresh start, but weighing goals and expectations, as well as asking your viewers for their thoughts, may sway your decision.

So, do you really need a second channel? Is it worth trying to maintain two channels at the same time? The answer is: it is up to you (I’ll give you a moment to appreciate how mind-blowing that was).


Do you have a dilemma about whether or not to have a second channel? Or do you already have two or more channels? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @LondonSmallYT!

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