By Marc Jason Ali

I’m Marc and I run The Fan Carpet, the red carpet for movie fans that was founded in 2004 by Jessica Alken-Theasby and myself. In this article, I am going to share with you how I usually create videos for our YouTube Channels; The Fan Carpet and The Fan Carpet Extra.

I am using the video that went live on January 26th on The Fan Carpet Extra as an example. The video is a part of our series ‘The Fan Carpet Chats To…’, which is an interview series we started last year and it showcases up and coming talent within the film industry. The subject of that episode is Actress, Writer, Producer, Model and Entrepreneur Faith Elizabeth who talks about the TV Premiere of her Short Film entitled ‘The Whisperings’.

The Setup

To begin with, I set up the Studio in my living room to film the interview, I use a Panasonic HDC-SD10 mounted to a Velbon tripod with a top light (I can’t remember the make), but I have since picked up a Ring Light from Neewer so that’ll be used for the studio whilst the top light will just be used for premieres and other film/TV events.

The Microphone I use is the Pyle Pro Audio PMIKC45BK Handheld Vocal Condenser and this is connected to an Olympus VN-731PC to capture the crisp audio, as the audio is captured separately to the video. The camera does capture audio as well, but it is clearer from the separate microphone

Panasonic HDC-SD10 on Velbon tripod

Pyle Pro Audio PMIKC45BK Handheld Vocal Condenser connected to Olympus VN-731PC

Overall Setup












Post Production

After filming, it is time for Editing and Post Production. I edit with Final Cut Pro X on a MacBook Pro (3.06ghz/ 8gb DDR2 RAM). After I import the clips (making sure that I have all the audio and video that was captured from the shoot) .

In FCPX, there is a feature that I use which allows for the Syncing of Audio to Video which is fairly flawless, does the job and does it well. Once synced, I drag the file onto the timeline and then open it to turn off the audio captured by the camera, so that it just uses the good clear audio from the Mic, once that is done, it is time to start cutting into the video.

I tend to edit in stages; I first cut the main clip to the parts that I want to use (depicted as blue in the screenshots). In the case of ‘The Fan Carpet Chats To…’ I put in title cards, which is where I put the questions asked, and once I have the duration of the video, I then put in the audio (depicted as green in the screenshot). I then add in any titles that I want to play on top of the video. Lastly, the end of the video is important – here I put any logos and video that are needed to finish the video. Once I am satisfied with the ending, I export the finished project.

MacBook Pro Editing Suite

FCPX Editing

Once exported, it is uploaded to YouTube, with the tags, description and thumbnail that is needed for the video, I then publish it on, placing the video in our Spotlight as well as a News Post which then goes to Facebook and Twitter.

About The Fan Carpet:

Founded in 2004 in London, United Kingdom, The Fan Carpet is the red carpet for fans, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between the films and those who are a fan of that film and/or actor, actress, director etc., we have been growing steady for the past decade. We have a growing Film Database, regular Competitions, the latest Film News and Reviews, a wide variety of Interviews – video, audio and written, a growing Fan Site Network and much, much more!

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