by Nadya Yudina

The other day a few of LSY’s admins and members went to an evening dedicated to creating your brand on YouTube. Hosted by Tom Martin, the evening was led by Charli Prangley, a designer and fellow content creator with 44,000 subscribers (as of writing), talking about the importance of branding on YouTube as well as sharing tips on how to improve it.

So here are the things you need to know in order to improve your brand on YouTube:

  1.   Draw from multiple inspirations

We are all inspired by someone or something. And whenever we are inspired by things, we tend to try and make stuff that is similar to things we like. However, in order not to blatantly copy someone’s work, it is important to have multiple sources of inspiration. As Charli suggested at the event, you can create a mood board that consists of the things you like and that represent your channel. Then, based on this mood board, decide what colour, fonts and even what kind of words you want to use for your channel.

  1.   Be clear

Of course, if you are someone who is just starting, it might be hard to find a niche straight away – you need time to see what works and what kind of content you enjoy creating most. But as you gain experience, start defining and polishing the kind of content you make, and let your viewers know what kind of channel you are and what they should expect from you. You can show it through your channel art, your thumbnails and even your titles.

If you are a personality-driven channel, you might want to have informal titles of your videos and use personal pronouns, as well as including your face in the thumbnails so viewers know that it represents you.

If your channel is more about your work rather than your personality, then try showcasing it by putting the results of what you do in the thumbnail and clearly establish the field you make your content about on your channel.

You can put various words that describe your channel in your banner, so when users land on your channel, they see the topics you cover. For example, if you do movie reviews every Wednesday, put “movie reviews every Wednesday”, so your viewers know when to come back for a new video

  1.   Be consistent

In the YouTube world, consistency is key. And it doesn’t just relate to your upload schedule. The font of your thumbnails, as well as the kinds of images and colours you pick for them should be more or less consistent. Your page will look neater and more organised when all the thumbnails have the same vibe and correlate to you banner rather than when every video uses different fonts and colours. Besides, this kind of consistency lets viewers recognise you and your brand whenever they see your video in their subscription box.

  1.   Be yourself

To truly create your own brand on YouTube, it is important to be yourself and share the things you love. Not only will it keep you excited about making videos, but your viewers will see it as well. And of course, there are multiple ways in which you can express your personality and let it shine through your channel. Find the subject you enjoy talking about and you feel could do with more content on YouTube, and go for it!

As you can see, branding is quite a complex yet important component; not only on YouTube, but in various other industries. In terms of YouTube, it is also a skill that you can develop over time, when you test out various layouts and styles.

Big thanks to Charli Prangley for the insightful talk and to Tom Martin for organising it! Do you have any more tips on how to improve your YouTube brand you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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