by Eleana Overett, Founder

Earlier this month I attended an information session called “How to Turn Your Blog into a Successful Business”. I was very intrigued because not only do I write for LSY, I also have a blog of my own that I am cultivating and launching in April.

And if there’s one thing I unfortunately still don’t know, it’s business.

I very much enjoyed the evening, and I thought the speakers were very motivational and expressive. We heard from Mark Leruste – founder of The Unconventionalists podcast, Denisa Ratula – plant-based chef and founder of Second Nature, and Fab Giovanetti – founder of the Health Bloggers Community. They clearly know their stuff and have made it in this tough online world, carving out a space for themselves and making it a full time thing.

However, I don’t think it quite hit the mark of answering the question of the event which was the very reason I went.

But I’m not going to be overly critical, because they all echoed one piece of incredibly valuable advice that I haven’t heard yet in all the hours I’ve spent in workshops and years I’ve spent learning what I can for myself from anyone willing to share their story.

Stop Consuming. Start Creating.

Almost all of us are consumers by nature, which puts us at risk of falling into the trap of feeling like we need to consume more before we know how to do something well enough to go for it.

Denisa Ratula talked about going to workshops and writing down tips and tricks of the trade, then picking up another notebook and seeing she’d written down the same tips and tricks but 3 or 4 years prior. This completely resonated with me because I just did the exact same thing. The notebook I am sitting in front of right now with notes to write this post has some tips and tricks a few pages back that I also wrote a year ago and appear almost word-for-word at the very beginning of the book.

You can easily get stuck in this mindset of “I need to learn everything I need to before I begin” or “I can’t implement this change until I’ve learned everything about it” – and then it never gets done. That’s the first part of this consuming lifestyle and how it can inhibit you as a creator.

The second is that you spend so much time consuming other people’s content that it distracts you from giving your own the full force of your attention. Consuming other material is a great way to get ideas for content, and I certainly wouldn’t advise living your life in a bubble unaware of what else is going on. I don’t think that’s what these entrepreneurs meant. But Mark Leruste deals with a lot of people like himself – go-getters and self-made business men and women – and he says that they all have one thing in common. They don’t watch TV. They don’t watch YouTube. They don’t read books and magazines. They don’t have the time. They focus 100% of their efforts on their own creations, and they see results.

I’m not going to be one of these go-getter entrepreneurs, it just isn’t me. But I am a major procrastinator, and this consumerist lifestyle does me no favours at all. For example, I had the entire day today to do whatever I wanted to do. I had no plans and no responsibilities. As of 6pm I got my act together and I have tidied the epic fail that was my room, I cleaned my bathroom, I did my laundry and the pile of dishes by the sink, I set up plans for a board meeting I meant to do in early March, I sorted my Google Drive so it makes sense, I’ve started writing blog posts, and it’s only been 3 hours. From 10am – 6pm, that’s 8 hours, I watched Vine compilations and several episodes of Air Crash Investigation and A Very British Hotel on TV. Oh, and I had lunch.

So I am definitely going to be taking the advice to stop consuming so much and start creating properly. Rather than wait to implement ideas, I’m going to go for it and see what I can learn along the way. And I’m going to start today.

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