by Nadya Yudina, Web Editor

As human beings, we tend to compare ourselves and our success to others. Sometimes it’s healthy, and sometimes it’s discouraging. On YouTube, there are just as many ways you can compare yourself to other creators: through the content, the engagement, and the subscribers (notice how I put engagement and subscribers as separate things, I’ll get to it in a bit). Surely, most of us had this thought: we see someone’s content and we think that it isn’t as thought-out and as good as ours, yet they have a million subscribers and we struggle to even get to a thousand. This may not be an eye-opener, but let me tell you, subscribers don’t really matter.

Of course, if you goal is to be a full-time YouTuber, your subscribers are your bread and butter. But it’s not really the amount of people subscribed to you, it is the amount of people that actually watch and engage with your content. Let’s look at PewDiePie, for example; with nearly 55 million subscribers, he gets on average 3-4 million views per video. That is less than 10% of engagement. Yet, those who do watch him are very involved: they comment, they leave likes, they do all these things you are usually told to do in the end of the video.

Surely, not growing fast enough is upsetting. It is, in fact, frustrating. You work so hard on your videos and you want others to see them because you are proud of your work, but it doesn’t get the recognition you want. But, and I cannot emphasise this enough, everyone started this way. Just because you don’t have 100 thousand subscribers doesn’t necessarily mean that your content is bad. It just means that you need to improve your visibility on YouTube and keep creating videos. Having 10% of your following engaged with your content is actually a positive, and figuring out how to get bigger is a process that takes time. It takes a while to figure out what works for you and for your audience.

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